Choose for a new way to fly

As a neutral wholesaler and GSA, NFL Aviation offers a new way to fly by offering import and export services to and from various countries throughout the world.

Having combined knowledge by local, experienced professionals in both Europe as well in China, NFL Aviation is able to provide you tailor made solutions for all your logistical requirements and needs. Our wide network of contacts allows us to provide our customers and carriers with fast and reliable information from the first hand. As your logistical partner, we can be your helping hand for all your airfreight enquiries.

Most importantly, we focus on offering as many direct services between airports worldwide ensuring minimum cargo handling.

NFL Aviation leverages volume commitments and contracts with various carries to ensure fixed flightschedules, multiple departure and arrival options from airport of origin till final destination. Besides that, our relationships with all carriers keeps our rates competitive while achieving fast transit times.

Why NFL Aviation?

  • Neutral air freight
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast transit times
  • Fixed schedules