A New Way To Fly


As a neutral wholesaler and GSA, NFL Aviation offers a new way to fly by offering import and export services to and from various countries throughout the world.

Our focus is on Air Freight for the freight forwarding industry, therefore we maintain a strict policy of neutrality and only sell our services to freight forwarders. Air Freight is our business, we are experienced professionals in moving cargo around the globe using the most reliable carriers. NFL Aviation is a dynamic company specializing in worldwide Air Freight. As we are a compact organisation, we can offer you flexible, personal, round-the-clock service. The personal “touch”​ you may have sorely missed in others, we fully integrate into our services as your personal logistic partner.

In other words: shipment from anywhere to wherever: we always enjoy the challenge! Whether you are forwarding General Cargo or special commodities, you can rely on us, all the way. We see it as our privilege to find the best possible solutions, together with you. We work in close cooperation with carriers all over the world and we have an extensive international agency network.

Our relationships with the major carriers enable us to offer competitive rates whilst ensuring our customers fast transit times.

What can you expect from us? A “no-nonsense”​ mentality: your wish is our command. We keep a close eye on all aspects of your assignment, we actively monitor its progress and keep you informed, all the way. We know the world of Air Freight like the back of our hand and we will do everything to give you excellent and trouble-free service. Friendship all the way.